3 A.M. thoughts

I sit by the window, on this warm moonlit nightAs its soft beam pours through the paneGently caressing my worn out skinSlowly taking away pain. I Let go in this moment, and I feel free once again. I think about people, and all the good they’ve doneI smile at the moments that touched my heartLike…

A moment in transit.

Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay 'Twas dark, cold and uncertainThe night our paths metOh so young were we,Hadn't grown our wings yet. Together we dreamed of a world, that we knew nothing ofBuilt a romance on a false forever, a tomorrow we would never have. Then slowly winter walked away,And summer came to stayOur…

The eyes of the night

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay I wondered often how it must be, when our time is up and we have to leaveIs it the end when we cease to breathe?What is it like beyond what we see? Does death mean we are set free? What do our stories mean?All the joy, the pain and everything…

Six Seconds of Self.

Image by Dirk Wohlrabe from Pixabay Numerous stories cramped up in one,Too many pathways, but reaching the end of none.Loving things and then suddenly I’m done. Blacking out for a while, then finding light,Liking it for a few moments before it hurts my eyes.Why did I choose this life? I wonder.Do I really want to…

What Can I Say?

All in this moment.

“What can I say that hasn’t been said
What can I do that hasn’t been done before
This world, so saturated with stories
Like a crystal jar overflowing at its brim

Even though I may think my story is new
The truth is that somewhere, at some point of time, it has existed
We call ourselves mortals, but I beg to differ
Our stories sail the breaths of time

Forever touching every being that will ever walk these lands and take flight in these skies

We come from dust and go back to it
The wind, the sand, the seas, all carrying the immortality of our being.”


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What Can I Say?

"What can I say that hasn’t been saidWhat can I do that hasn’t been done beforeThis world, so saturated with storiesLike a crystal jar overflowing at its brim Even though I may think my story is newThe truth is that somewhere, at some point of time, it has existedWe call ourselves mortals, but I beg…

All I’ve ever known;

  https://youtu.be/q1QY601i3C0 I've only ever known how to dream big. So many dreams,so many fulfilled, many more shattered.So much encouragement, much more ridicule; but I've never known any other way.I live for the dreams that dance in my eyes with every breath I take.I live for the little and the big successesI live for the…

Will we ever know?

We are in our physical entiretyBeings of stubborn constitutionHolding so dearly in our palmsAlms of egoistic waywardness Our eyes cloaked by the deceit of generationsCould it be, that those who know better walk amongst us?Living in ridicule, shunned into silenceBy our inability to set aside our burdenous lies Have we been made so accustomed to…


Years in silence, my existence is vague | I look for answers, but find more questions instead | I ask myself often, who am I? | what is it that I believe? |what makes me happy? | Am I even real? | or am I just like one of those matryoshka dolls- Just layer after…


I know the air seems heavyAnd it feels like hope is deadI’m not saying it’s your fault, I’m sure as hell not saying it’s all in your head.But I will say thisThat all you see isn’t all there isMaybe today, even for a fleeting momentYou stop in your pathYou drown out the noise, and just…