In this moment.

Life really does go by fast. It’s almost like we get on a train, and as the train speeds towards our destination we try to do as much as possible in the time we have on the train.

Somehow, I’ve always found it hard to believe that this lifetime is all we have. We are raised to believe that we have one shot at life. We live only once and must not waste this opportunity. We must be as productive as possible and work as hard as we can to achieve material goals, that we are made to believe are extremely necessary, and once we achieve them, we set new goals.

Come to look at it, us humans are the only species that have such an arrangement in the name of life. You are born, you go to school, get a job, buy nice things, be better than those around you and when your time is up, none of these things actually matter.

No other species has anything even remotely similar to the way we live our lives. We could say it’s because we are the superior species. Highly evolved. Or it could be the other way round.

Could we have actually completely blocked ourselves from the actual meaning of life?

Are we now incapable of seeing the bigger picture? Have we been programmed to see only what we are allowed to see?

What if we are all here as part of a larger journey. We came here from somewhere, to learn, to share, to experience and from here, we will go elsewhere? To another world, another realm?

Is it possible that we will leave this world having done nothing of what we were meant to do? Do we even really know who we are?

There is so much magic around us, in each little moment, but what a pity it is that we need effort to see it. What should have come naturally to us, was taken away from us bit by bit as we grew up. We have been conditioned to see the magic around us as ordinary and to overlook things as coincidences. There are no coincidences.

The universe is trying and struggling to reconnect with us and speak to us. But we can barely hear or see it.

Look around you at the signs, the synchronities, the messages. They are all around us. Believe in the magic that you possess within yourself. You are one with the universe. You always have been. You were led away, but the universe is calling you back. Back to magic, back to your real self.

Get outside, look around, take a deep breath, notice the sensations, the sights, the smells, the touch of the wind on your skin, the life around you and it is in these very things that you have come to see as ordinary, that true magic resides.

Blog by Priya D’Silva


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology



This blog is in no way a substitute for medical advice. All opinions here are based on personal experience and may not apply to or resonate with everyone. You alone and no one else are the best judge of your condition and the severity of it. Do not hesitate get medical advice and treatment from a certified medical professional if needed to lead a happier and healthier life.

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