Take control of your life.

Every single thing you have ever experienced in your life, every single moment, has been created by YOU.

Read that again. It’s true.

The problem is, most of us live our entire lives as victims to our circumstances. We live in so much fear of things we don’t want, that without realizing, we end up attracting the same unwanted situations into our life every single day.

You see, everything is frequency. You may have heard of this before. Every single emotion, every single thought, vibrates at a particular frequency. The key to connecting with the future that you want to create, is emitting that exact vibration. Our emotions are our key to the present and the future that we truly desire. In order for you to experience a desired situation, you need to not just think about it, but feel the emotions that you would feel when it is happening in reality. We live everything twice. Once in our minds and once in the physical world.

We tend to spend years and years of our life surrendering to circumstances that don’t make us happy at all. The reason being, we have no idea that we can do anything at all to change it. As we grow up, the world teaches us to believe lesser in magic and more in coincidence. We tend to overlook a lot of signs in the name of coincidence or our imagination.

The law of the universe is actually really really simple. YOU GET WHAT YOU ATTRACT. Get this straight, no matter how ordinary you think you are, your mind holds the power to create any reality that you want.

The law of attraction has become quite popular in the last few years actually. I too have tried to change my reality with the law of attraction in the past. I would get into a very positive state of mind, I would attract things I want. But, the moment I would face the slightest inconvenience, I would relapse and go back to my state of misery and hopelessness. Now here is the problem. Facing an inconvenience while attracting everything you want doesn’t mean that the universe isn’t working in your favor, or that the law of attraction doesn’t work. It just means that without realizing, somewhere, in your subconscious mind, you shifted your vibration to something undesirable. And this is completely normal. All you need to do is understand that the situation is only the result of you allowing your frequency to shift unknowingly, and be more aware the next time. That’s how we learn!

You may not master the law of attraction in a day, but you need to understand a few important points, and begin working on your reality right NOW if you desire to change where you are at in your life at this very moment.

1- Get to know yourself.

This is the most important step towards creating your desired reality. You need to be so in tune with yourself, that you are aware of every single emotion that you experience throughout the day. You need to know how you react to different things, how you feel when you wake up each morning, how you feel before you go to bed, everything. The key to change is to be aware of the problem. The thing is, we experience so many emotions throughout our day, take in so much information, our mood keeps changing several times without us even realizing. Imagine how many different signals you are sending out to the universe every single day. How many different frequencies you tune into everyday. Once you become aware of this, you will be surprised by the sheer number of reactions we give to things that aren’t even that important actually.

2- You are not a victim.

You need to repeat this again and again until it gets into your head and stays there. Hell get a tattoo of it if that’s what it takes. No matter what your situation is at this very moment, YOU CAN CHANGE IT. Nothing just happens out of nowhere. If you accept things going wrong as your reality, that’s what is going to happen to you all the time. In any case, it is you that is attracting situations into your life. You are the one creating it. So how does that make you a victim? You are actually always in control. So why not make a choice to take a different road this time? Choose positivity instead of doubt.

3 Take a moment.

Once you begin to be more aware of the way you feel and the emotions that run through you, you will be more alert when something negative begins to affect you. It could be as simple as someone saying something to you, a situation that made you sad or angry, a post or comment on social media, literally anything. So here’s the important part – whenever you feel a negative emotion, don’t let it sink deep within you. Right then and there, stop, and take a moment. Gather your thoughts. Think of things you are truly grateful for. Do anything that lifts your mood, or just simply think rationally about the situation. This will stop the negative emotion from sinking into your subconscious mind, and shifting your frequency to an undesirable one.

4 You are a magnet.

The way you feel each moment of the day, the emotions that are formed in these moments, are a magnet that attract your future. Your mind and your emotions are not things that function for no reason and your thoughts don’t just come out of nowhere. We are one with the universe and endless possibilities lie just within our reach. The difference is, the only way to gain access to these possibilities, is to first reach within. If you only realize your true potential, the magic that lies within and around you, you will never think of yourself as a victim again. You will be the creator of your own destiny.

When you buy a new car, a very expensive limited edition car, that you have dreamt about all your life, would you be comfortable letting anyone else drive it? Of course not. So, is your life and your future any less precious? Why would you let anyone or anything else control what you feel?

Now is the time. Take the wheel.

Blog by Priya D’Silva


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology



This blog is in no way a substitute for medical advice. All opinions here are based on personal experience and may not apply to or resonate with everyone. You alone and no one else are the best judge of your condition and the severity of it. Do not hesitate get medical advice and treatment from a certified medical professional if needed to lead a happier and healthier life.

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