Just a child was I.

Dreamy eyes and not very wise, just a child was I. Hopeful days and a determined gaze, Just a child was I.

Morning would rise and ready was I, to live another day,

To march toward that beautiful dream, it didn’t matter what they had to say.

Come would twilight and bring with it, dreams of a charming romance

The kind of love that would sweep me away, all in but a glance.

As the moon wrapped me in her silver cloak, and the silent night awoke, I imagined a life where I would finally emerge, from the dark black smoke.

Everyone would see me then, no longer would I be invisible. Maybe I would no longer be a who, maybe make a friend or two.

Eyelids heavy, from dreams and tears, I drift off towards the sky, Tired eyes and not very wise, just a child was I.

Years of dreams and hope in my heart, the day is yet to come, For in the dark smoke I still await, everyday turning more numb.

Hazy mornings and hope a little less, no longer a child am I.

Twilight seems darker now, I can’t seem to tell why.

The night remains my only friend, up in the dark sky, The lonely moon looks back at me, and a tear trickles down my eye.

Every day a little hope, I fold and stack away, In the corners of my once hopeful soul, Now turning dark and gray.

I don’t blame myself for those beautiful dreams, For just a child was I,

They give me light in this dark smoke, Now that no longer a child am I.

Blog by Priya D’Silva


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology


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