Two parts of paradise

Image by Rujhan Basir from Pixabay


The one word that gives life most of it’s meaning. Family, friends, love and the occasional passers by – people who stop by in our life briefly but still manage to teach us so much.

One thing about relationships is that no matter how stable they seem at any given time, there is always a possibility that they’ll wobble; and sometimes, fall apart.

The fragility of every relationship we experience in our lifetime is real. Especially when it comes to love. Beginning a new relationship with someone is like taking a step into the great unknown. You don’t really know where it’ll go, but still hope for the best.

Here’s the thing. When two people that are individuals, who have spent years apart until they meet, having lived completely different lives, come together and decide to share a life, there is bound to be some level of uncertainty.

Your partner and yourself may have completely different perspectives on life and love and to be honest, that is alright. I have seen relationships disintegrate over the years for the same reason. Both partners have different expectations from the relationship and life.

I have also seen relationships where two people are completely different yet seem to make it work quite wonderfully. The thing about relationships is, they give you an opportunity to view life and love from another’s eyes. The beauty of relationships are that they allow you to expand your world and your perspective on it. It’s like you have your paradise, and get to experience one more.

I’m not just talking about romantic relationships. Any relationship that touches your soul enough can open your eyes to new realities.

Everybody has their own paradise. When your life intertwines with theirs, sometimes you’re lucky enough to get a glimpse of theirs. Their dreams, hopes, their wins and losses, you get to see life from their eyes.

That’s what is so special about relationships. They remind us that the world is a massive place, and although the world we see on the outside might be the same, we all have different worlds inside; and sometimes, we get a chance to share that with someone. Sometimes, we get not just one, but two parts of paradise.

And maybe that’s the beauty and purpose of it all. That’s what relationships are for. Even if they fall apart, they show us a little something, enough to change us a little. Sometimes they leave scars to remind us of what happened, and that we survived.

Blog by Priya D’Silva.


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology



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