The “God concept”.

We like to think of ourselves as complex, intelligent, self sufficient beings. Beings that have climbed the steps of the food chain and rule at it’s zenith. With our prefrontal cortex and opposable thumbs, we see ourselves as indestructible and most powerful.

But even with all of this power, we remain mere mortals, just like the rest of this planet’s inhabitants. So maybe it’s the concept of eternal life after death, or the idea of being reborn into this world to continue our journey that bring us comfort for most of our years, and allow us to turn a blind eye to our frail and very replaceable existence.

Ever since time immemorial, humanity is known to have held on to the idea and concept of a higher power, something or someone, that is indestructible, that brought everything into existence; governs life, death and everything in between. The concept of God.

Often in my contemplation of humanity’s rise to the peak of power leaving below themselves innumerable species; and to this date holding fort at the top of the food chain, I realise that maybe; placing our trust in a supreme power, having faith and surrendering to this divinity, may have played an extremely decisive role in our ability to dance so dangerously close to the abyss without the fear of falling in. The concept of God, this higher power, is and has been a safety harness to humanity for eons.

Taking on innumerable faces and a myriad of names, the concept of God remains largely the same throughout time, and distance.

There is no denial of the presence of a force, that makes all things happen. The mystery of life and the riddle of time. Knowingly or unknowingly, we’re all connected to it, and draw from its ever giving, ever nurturing power.

Whatever your belief may be, God or no God, there’s no denying the fact that something much bigger than us is at work in the world in which we live; and whether that work is powered from within ourselves or outside of us, the concept still remains the same.

The duality of the emotional potential of this concept is what fascinates me every single time. It has the ability to humble, with the fact that no matter how powerful we are in the material world of our creation, there is always something larger than us; yet the thought of knowing that something much larger than us is at work brings about a certain confidence and tenacity, something that at some deep level feeds our egos and keeps the flame of power alive within us.

Whether you support Darwin’s thoughts of design without a designer, or see some truth in intelligent design, the mystery of the universe we live in will always remain the most intriguing and most enchanting.

Blog by Priya D’Silva


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology



All articles here are based on personal opinions and may not apply to or resonate with everyone. This blog in no way imposes thoughts or opinions on it’s readers.

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