Are you normal?

Often during the course of our days, as we go about quietly minding our business and living our best life, along comes someone, who decides that you’ve had a bit too much peace for the day; and proceeds to self invite themselves into our very personal intellectual space.

These are the people better known as nosy, who either don’t possess the necessary senses to recognize personal boundaries, or just have no regard for them in general.

In one of several conversations with my best friend of many years yesterday, after having always wondered why people sometimes ask questions that are obviously not their business, we finally came to a point, where we stopped mid-conversation to ponder over whether we have extremely high boundaries, or whether some people in general find a certain pleasure in breaching them.

Sometimes, deliberately or unintentionally, people ask questions or try to tutor you on topics that you’d rather not discuss with them. For example, “So when do you plan to get married?”, “When are you giving us good news?” or “Are you seeing anyone new lately?”. Even wrapped in the best of intentions, the answers to these, and many more such questions are deeply personal, and not everybody feels comfortable discussing them at a chance meeting at the fruit aisle or over dinner with family. Or anyone. Or anywhere. Or maybe just not with them.

As our discussion on these awkward forced social interactions seemed to get overly shrouded in confusion, we couldn’t help but wonder, are we normal? or are they normal? Is it actually okay to take a step into someone’s personal space if it’s just out of concern? or even if you want to catch up on the current happenings in their life after meeting them after many years?

The truth is it’s not easy to see from both sides; and it’s definitely not possible to develop a mutation enabling us to look right into the depths of people’s conscience to know if they have the best of intentions.

Therefore, endure we must the awkwardness and the urge to punch, we must resist.

Blog by Priya D’Silva


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology



All articles here are based on personal opinions and may not apply to or resonate with everyone. This blog in no way imposes thoughts or opinions on it’s readers.

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