The demons at the doorway.

If we just take a moment to look back at humanity’s journey, through what has stayed and what has changed, one thing remains strangely constant. Our pursuit for comfort.

All the advancements, technological or otherwise, that we look upon with pride, rise out of one need – comfort. It is truly great to live a life where almost everything is made much easier, but is that how it was meant to be? Where we began and where we are now may seem like a magnificent journey; but where are we headed?

Does our pursuit for comfort and luxury obstruct our vision and sit like blinders beside our eyes, rendering us incapable of seeing the higher meaning of our existence and bringing a halt to us attaining our full potential as human beings?

I do believe that we possess the ability to advance as beings and achieve great things, but is this the only path? the only way to advance? there has to be more. The world of wisdom and knowledge that we all possess within needs to advance for us to be able to actually grow and flourish. Inner and outer advancement must be sewed back together, in order for us to genuinely achieve our higher potential.

Today, in this world that we have created, we seem no different from the machines we invented, chasing our temptations of all things material, barely blinking. Could we be staring into the abyss? If so, it’s only a matter of time before it looks back into us.

We speak of being the most intelligent species, the most developed, we have taken over the world with our technology; but is this merely a hideous parody to the actual advancement we are meant to make?

Something seems to be blocking our soul from shining. It’s almost like a dark shadow has been cast upon us, and we have lost sight of the light.

Everytime we try to look within, try to know our soul, it’s like we are stopped at the doorway by our demons and sent away like trespassers. The truth is we don’t know how to get to know ourselves at all. We have lost our way in the dark and don’t even know it.

How much do we grow in knowledge, in dealing with life as a whole, in controlling and understanding our emotions? We measure growth in money, when growth is actually, peace. How many of us can actually say we have found peace?

We spend our lifetime trying to fight of the most natural things in pursuit of everything artificial. We fight away our sorrows, losses, failures and try to bury them deep down in our soul and cover their graves with material gains convincing ourselves that, in those material possessions, our true happiness lies.

We are losing sense of who we are, and what our actual purpose here is. We are born into this world, live an entire life oblivious to the fact that there is so much more to the world than just this society that we have built. We must look within. We must get to know ourselves.

Most importantly, we must face the demons within, and ask them to step aside as we begin our journey to the depths of our own soul, to discover the wonder and the glory of the universe, that we previously looked for outside.

Understand that this material world is not at all permanent. What is permanent is what we possess within and the knowledge we gain in our lifetimes as our soul travels realms towards it’s final destination.

Blog by Priya D’Silva


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology



All articles here are based on personal opinions and may not apply to or resonate with everyone. This blog in no way imposes thoughts or opinions on it’s readers.

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