En route

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

We’re on the move. Constantly. Right from day one, we learn to grow, we learn to compete but we never learn how to stop. From the point we arrive in this world, we keep speeding up, until we’re in 5th gear, and realize nobody told us how to brake. So off we go in our speeding wagon, tired and waiting to crash.

Our life is a set of institutions, that we must make ourselves a part of, in order to be “right”. It’s like the moment we get here, we are given a checklist, of all things correct and we must check each box in the right order if we are to find our destination – contentment.

The thing is, on the outside, we may all be the same. But on the inside, we’re not. We’re all different. We have different souls. It’s what makes us individuals. So how is it right, to give every single person the very same checklist and send them off in the same direction and expect them to find contentment?

We get so used to living checkbox to checkbox and knowing what is to be done next, that the thought of any uncertainty terrifies us. We don’t want to break out of it. If we do, we’re lost. I’ve always noticed that whenever we meet someone new, the most common question exchanged is “So what do you do?” And so pressured are we to have an answer to this question and a good answer at that. It made me realize, that on this journey to utopia, we live under constant pressure.

People work hard, check most boxes and still don’t find themselves closer to contentment. It is at this point that it is mostly decided that if we couldn’t get it right, let’s make sure that our kids do. Thus begins another story of new person, same checklist.

In order to find happiness and contentment, you need to know where it is that your happiness is. If you follow one standard checklist, there is no guarantee that you will find your own happiness. You might find the happiness of those around you, but not always your own. It’s like we’re all given the same address, but are all expecting to find a different person living there.

It is often said, that we come into this world with nothing. I don’t believe that. I believe that we come into this world with a key to our own happiness. We get so stuck in the rut of the life we are taught to live, that we never really try to get to know who we truly are. The key to contentment, is self awareness. The more aware you are of who you are and what makes you happy, the sooner you can make the detour and reach happiness.

From time to time in life we all require a pause, to look within and ask ourselves, why am I distressed? In what will I find my happiness? We must only move ahead once we have answered our own questions.

The biggest wall between us and our happiness is one that we build ourselves. Maybe if we just pause and look within, stop looking for happiness in this dense material world, that we will begin to actually experience contentment; or else, we may end up spending our entire life en route and leave here never having found our destination.

Blog by Priya D’Silva


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology



This blog in no way imposes thoughts or opinions on it’s readers. This blog is in no way a substitute for medical advice. All opinions here are based on personal experience and may not apply to or resonate with everyone. You alone and no one else are the best judge of your condition and the severity of it. Do not hesitate get medical advice and treatment from a certified medical professional if needed to lead a happier and healthier life.

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