A note to the people of our time.

Expectations, suggestions, advice, and a world full of noise. How do you hear yourself? A note to the people of our time, to those that are struggling to see themselves through the haze and commotion forced into existence by narrow, uninformed minds and shallow souls.

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

It’s okay to not want to be a part of the race. There is always a different path to be explored and a new story to be written.

The problem is we are all shoved into moulds, our uniqueness taken away, our wings chopped off and we’re made to believe that this is the right way. But, what is right and what is wrong in this world in which our existence is so miniscule, we’re here today and tomorrow we’re not.

The rights and wrongs that we know are merely constructs, nothing is real. The only reality is what exists within you, what constitutes your true self. No material gain or success will ever help you grow or ever show you the kind of wonders you will find if you learn to look within to find joy. We look for our true self in careers, in hobbies and even in the love and approval of another person.

It’s time we realize that we’ve been looking in the wrong place. If you think you can live the life of your dreams while still clinging on to the life that has been taught to you, if being accepted by this mock-up society is still important to you, change will never truly come. You will never in this lifetime see freedom. To truly transform, one must first let go, of everything previously known, all previous judgement all previous perspective.

It won’t happen in a day and definitely won’t suddenly happen all at once. To genuinely transform, to genuinely gain sight to the reality within, you will form ideations and break them continually, at each level learning something more.

Life is unique to each of us, each soul is so unique, yet look at what this construct has made of us. We are a sea of sorrowful ubiquity, searching desperately for the shore that will rid us of our anguish.

To change, is to completely leave the old behind. Not to be merely an iteration. Little by little shed the layers, until your soul is bare, shed the constructs, shed the norms, question everything. Why must we live this way? why must we exist within this framework? We are so much more than the society that we live in, the jobs that we do.

We cannot keep chasing this utopia that we are told we will find if we just achieve a little more, just get a little richer or look a little better. The list is never ending. We chase and we chase until we are so tired and yet, find nothing. We cannot keep doing this. We cannot keep being hoaxed into believing that your happiness is just a few steps away, just around that corner, just a little struggle away. NO. Happiness is here and now. It is within and society and it’s rules will not lead you there. You are made to believe that a job will bring you happiness, a car will, a luxury home will, but the truth is, you will keep jumping from one rock to another and ultimately realize that you’ve gotten nowhere.

Who are you achieving for? For society to be jealous? To be the envy of those around you? Does that make you happy? You call that happiness? You’ve been led astray. Society will only watch you chase and chase until you’re dangling off the precipice and won’t even come to catch you when you finally fall.

Learn to be yourself. Know yourself. Understand, that there is no new in the old. You cannot have both. You either live within the suffocating, crippling framework, that is too small to accommodate the depths of your soul, or you leave it and be free, break the shackles placed so tightly on your ankles the day you were born, and walk free into the world within.

The truth needs to be put out there. The self that we see is not real. It is created so seamlessly that we wear it like a second skin. Our masks are sewed on so tight they suffocate our souls. We think we know who we are but, do we really?

So, apologies for the harshness but if you feel like you’re achieving more than anyone else and are proud of your status or your job and look down upon those around you, reality check – You’re not better than anyone. You’re just another lost soul stuck in this framework tricked into believing that you’re happy. But there’s always time. You can still wake up.

Blog by Priya D’Silva


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology


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