I find a strange silence when I think about my childhood. I was always the most quiet child in the room. It’s not that I never had anything to say, it’s just that speaking through all the noise just seemed like too much of an effort.

Image by Jackie Samuels from Pixabay

But that’s the thing with quiet people. It seems like they have nothing to say, that they must be the most boring kind of people. Maybe in this world full of commotion, they are. But every shy person, everybody who seems like they have nothing to say, has a whole world within, that thrives and questions.

They prefer the silence, because it grants the space to see clearly the things that are overshadowed this eternal cacophony that cloaks the outside world.

There is so much to observe, to just learn and no, it is not mandatory to voice your opinions on every single thing. Sometimes, you just receive.

There was a period when I even questioned the way that I was, from the pressure to speak up and be heard, I began to feel that I was wrong. That if I don’t extend my contribution to the noise, I was incomplete. I must speak. Small talk was a skill I had to acquire, in order to make something of myself.

I struggled and struggled, until I was finally met with the realization that being one little voice among billions will only drag me along with the herd. I wasn’t ready for that. It meant nothing to me. Being understood meant nothing to me. I didn’t have to be one of the voices in this world full of echos. For the first time I realized I had nothing to say. The echos made no sense to me and they couldn’t care less so why bother?

Yes, there is comfort and reassurance in being understood. But there is a certain nobility in being unique. There is nothing wrong with being a listener but everything wrong with trying to speak over another.

To be heard, you need not shout. When the voice within speaks, the world listens. You need not be shameful of your silence, you must honor your freakishness. You need not be a replica, be an oddity. Be proud.

Blog by Priya D’Silva


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology



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