When you’re ready.

This may seem like a book review and in a way maybe it is, but it’s more of the journey of a soul, that finds what it must only once it’s ready to do so.

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It begins about 6 years ago, when I first came face to face with a book that would mark the beginning of a realization for me. I would take books from my grandmother, not that I was much of a reader for I lacked the patience and focus required to be one, but I liked to collect them.

That fated day I picked up two books. Brida and The Alchemist, both by Paulo Coelho. They lay on my bookshelf for a while before I decided to read one of them. I picked The Alchemist. I had heard a little something about it being an amazing book and I remember reading it with my usual lack of patience, sifting through some pages, reading some and skipping some. I sort of understood the message of the book, but didn’t feel the need to read it thoroughly.

For the years to come it lay gathering dust with all the other books that I lacked enough perseverance to read. My glance met it often, as I walked in and out of the room. Maybe something was calling me to pick it up again, but I wasn’t ready to listen. I was young, and trying to find my place in this world that never seemed to stop running.

Many a times even though I thought I wasn’t being a part of the race and was writing my own story, when I look back now, I realize that it was only my physical self that was on that path. Mentally, I definitely was part of the crowd, constantly comparing myself to those around me, feeling insecure about the person that I was and had no clue where I was going.

Years passed and life taught me its lessons. I began to become more attentive to the larger meaning in the occurrences that I met on my path. The last two years particularly placed more obstacles on my path than usual, and I saw myself passing them one by one, as they taught me that they don’t mean to stop me, but merely ask that I take a little detour.

I began to subconsciously apply that principle to every area of my life, not stopping and giving up rather finding a better path to move ahead.

Yesterday, years after I read the book for the first time, I sat contemplating where life may be headed. Through the course of this discussion with myself, I asked the universe for a sign. A sign that signified that I had grown. I picked up my phone and as I browsed the unending world of the web, I came across an article about alchemical symbols. It sparked my curiosity as I began to dig deeper into alchemy, its origins and it’s principles. As the shades of pink and orange of the evening slowly ushered in the dark blue of the night, I was led to my pile of books, and I felt a readiness, as my hand reached for The Alchemist. A book that I had taken forever to finish and skipped most of a few years ago.

As I picked it up and began to read, I found myself unable to stop. I was surprised at the lack of distraction, and at how smoothly I progressed from page to page as if all those years of lessons were trying to tell me something. Everything made sense. The power of the universe that I had come to put my faith in, for the last few years, was the soul of the universe. The one hand that has written it all. As I moved from page to page I found myself immersed deeper in it’s text. Before I knew it, I was more than halfway through the book.

The blackness of the night outside brought the message of emerging dawn and before I knew it, day would arrive. So I placed the book aside, and retired to sleep. As I awoke a few hours later, to the light spilling in through the window, the first thought that came to my head was the book.

I woke up and went about my day as usual, constantly waiting for a chance to begin my journey through it’s pages once again. By noon I had settled on the couch, with the book in my hands, more ready than ever. Once again distractions were lost and the world around me seemed to slow down as I immersed myself in a story that seemed like it had waited for me all these years. Within no time, I had finished the book and was astonished at the speed and ease with which I had finished it.

Some of it felt like a mirror, the rest like a friend, showing me the way ahead. Never have I felt so sure of my place in the world. I learned that my journey is unique and that with faith, and presence in the moment, the soul of the world will present me with guidance, on this path that is unique to me towards a purpose that belongs to no one but myself.

I learned that when the soul isn’t ready, It won’t see the signs. I had this book for years but today it taught me so much. Much like the boy in the book, who travelled far and wide in search of his treasure, only to realize it was all where he began. It brought me back from my yearning to be the perfection that I see in others, to seeing the uniqueness in myself.

The thing is that you must keep going on your unique path, win against your own obstacles, because your story is unique, you have a unique connection with the divine. Everything in the world is a visible aspect of God. Look at all creation with wonder. Realize that each day you are born again, and if you pay attention, you will begin to notice marvels that the mundane routine you jailed yourself in forbade you from seeing before.

Life is not a long tiring path, it is a series of tiny moments, that when lived to the fullest, make for a marvellous story of transformation, growth and magic.

We’re all filled with magic, we all speak to the divine. But not all of us listen when it speaks back. It speaks in the sounds of the world and in omens, in silence and in peace. You keep meeting the same tests until your soul is ready to ace it. It is there, that you will meet progress.

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M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology


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