In loving memory – MSN Messenger

Years have gone by and so much has changed. Yet we can’t help but smile when we look back at those simpler times, when mornings were for school and evenings after school were for glueing ourselves to our desktops waiting for friends to sign in.

The sweet sound of a new message, the sign-in sound, man I never thought I would miss computer generated sounds so much. Such feels.

Those nudges and statuses, the crazy font usernames, the veracity with which each emoji represented what we were feeling and the internet slang that almost made us forget the english language – those were the days.

The struggle to get your crush’s Id, and the long nail-biting wait till they came online. The goosebumps when they sign-in and staring at their dp while enduring another strenuous wait until they said “hi”.

MSN messenger maybe no more, but it has left a legacy of sentiments, that go straight to the heart of every 90’s kid. It was through that little window on our desktop, that new friendships began, bonds grew stronger, we fell in love, stories were shared and memories were made.

Memories that will never be replaceable and moments that we will carry with a smile forever. We may have moved on to other things, but MSN, you will always have our heart.

Tc hf cya

With all our love,

Every 90’s kid.

Blog by Priya D’Silva


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