We need not perfection, we need not wealth
We need not this false discipline
For in the end, we’ll all meet death

I have tried many times each moment, to blend into this mess
Each time only to learn, that I care a little less

Finding myself bit by bit, amongst souls whom I grow with,
I can say of this moment,
That I know not what I’ll leave you
Perhaps a little happiness, perhaps the right words
Maybe a little wisdom, that’ll help you fly free like a bird

But when my time comes to walk from here
It maybe far, it may be near
I’ll have but one request, let me go, let me rest

Don’t tie me down in this world’s elaborate customs,
Don’t trouble yourself when my time comes

Let me go, I’ll find my way.
For I’m quite the explorer, I’d like to say.

Poem by Priya D’Silva


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology

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