Life is kind, trust it;
It’ll take you good places
Trust the tide, It’ll show you new shores

Why lay out maps, for this journey that we’ve never made before
Trust this life, it’s lived many times more
It knows the way, let it lead you
Hold it’s hand, it’ll take you where you need to go.

Look into the eyes, of that lady so old and so wise
Watching from the porch, as the evening sun slowly dies
You can tell she’s seen it all before
Ask and she’ll tell you,
Of the little things, you must let go;

Time has spoken its words to her.

Let life serenade you,
Open your heart and listen,
For in it’s symphony, all your answers will glisten.

Poem by Priya D’Silva


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology

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