To the world.

I hope you don’t mind me walking along, just learning my lessons and singing my song
I hope you don’t mind that I have not much to give, to you oh world, where life does live.

I am nothing but a wanderer, one among many. My pockets are empty, not even a penny.
I’ve chosen many pathways, been consumed by the dark, also lit by the sun’s rays, so warm and so stark.

Many a times have I faced regret
It’s gifted me with wisdom, every time we’ve met.
I am nothing extraordinary, I’m just one among many.

I walk in the crowd silently, learning as I observe;
Many searching for money, many hoping to find life and love.

As I walk among the crowd, I wonder where life must hide
They tell me this is it, I know that’s but a lie.

I hope you don’t mind our blindness, our stray and dense ways
For someday I hope, we’ll all do as you say
We’ll meet life, we’ll see the bright of day.

We’ll walk not as a crowd, but fearless in our uniqueness
Life will be happy to come out of the darkness
We’ll make the right choices, we’ll finally see the light
Finally we’ll recognize, all that is right.

I’ll walk along now, as I take in your beauty,
I’ll learn all I can and I’ll do every duty
For one day I hope, it’ll be the end of the night.

And for all that misses our weak and dull sight,
I sure hope, that you don’t mind.

Poem by Priya D’Silva
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