Beyond the horizon.

“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding”
—The Kybalion.”

Image by Giani Pralea from Pixabay

At each given moment in time, we are surrounded by many truths. Truths that are shrouded in numerous lies and hidden away from sight. To top that off, we are rather short sighted as a society.

Our trouble is that, no matter how open minded we think we may be, there is always a limit to what we allow ourselves to see and believe. We allow our physical existence to decide what is possible and what is bizarre and thus we remain confined to the illusion that we are actually free.

The truth is that our entire existence is based on perspective. Our life is framed within that very perspective that we hold on to so dearly, refusing to look outside its bounds.

There is no learning, no growth in this stagnation. Wisdom exists all around us. But we receive it, only when we are ready to acknowledge its existence.

Wisdom speaks to those willing to listen. The world around us has so much to say and I’m not referring to society. I’m talking about the world. It always has so much to teach. But in all our ego, all our stubbornness, we refuse to listen. We think we know it all. We stay happy with our little bowl of knowledge, when the world has oceans and oceans of wisdom to offer.

The biggest jail to break out of, is our mind. This mind that has been constructed for us, so as to fit in perfectly within this make-believe world. We are taught to suppress our questions, so as to not bring unrest to those who refuse to ask any.

Our ears are plugged and our eyes shut to the truth, and we live deaf, blind and mute in a world that takes us through life like wood-dolls on a conveyor belt. We believe only what we are taught to believe. Some brave ones dare to venture close to the boundaries of this framework, to take a peek at the world beyond it.

Few are dragged back and shamed with guilt and tormented. Few others get a glimpse of reality and it terrifies them so much that they find more safety within the framework, no matter how unreal it may be, for leaving behind all you’ve been taught in all the years of your existence, would feel like jumping off a cliff into complete darkness.

Then there are those, who see reality, and trust it more than the lies that they’ve been fed. They gather all their courage, and begin their journey beyond the horizon. They meet life. They send back their learnings as gifts, as guidance to those who wish to learn. To those whose hearts are open, to the wisdom of the world.

Blog by Priya D’Silva


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology

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