Such a small word, holding within it the ability to awaken emotion in the stillest of souls.
There exists no ‘good art’ or ‘bad art’. Art just is.
It resides in the strokes of a paint brush, in the stories held in words, in the colors of the sunrise, in the darkness of the night.
Art is to create. Art is to be. It needn’t even be unique, it doesn’t have to be something never said or done before.

Time passes, people come and go. Every now and then life takes a momentary halt. It is in those pauses that you need words, maybe some music, maybe you need the breeze to fill your tired soul. Maybe a movie to brighten your darkness.

That’s the thing about art. It never goes stale. In each moment, someone, somewhere, needs a little lift, needs to be reminded that deep within the ocean of their soul, buried under the burdens of the path they walk on, there is a little life left; that is longing to break free and be heard. They need art to set them free. To help them see differently.
Art is in the kind words of a friend or stranger, in the strange graffiti on that abandoned building, in the silence of that lost neighbourhood, in the way the sunflower turns to the sun. Art is anything that makes you wonder.
It holds the power, to help you see the most simplest of things, in the most wondrous ways.

It reminds you that a world exists, beyond the horizon of society; and it matters not who you are or where you come from, it cares not about what you did or said, whether you are deserving or otherwise,
art just is.
It lives on, beyond lifetimes and waits patiently as new life begins; to inspire, to guide, to comfort.
Art is a mirror, that helps us see the world around more clearly.

It’s a competitive world we live in. Some may feel that art doesn’t do much to help you get to the top. But it does give you strength when you’re too tired to carry on..whether you make art, or just experience it, or both.
Life is art, and so is living, there is art in the way your heart beats, in the way the weather makes you feel. There is art in each breath of life, there is art in death. The world exists in its eternal embrace.
Art doesn’t ask for anything, it expects nothing. Art just is.
You are art, I am art.
Art just is.


Image by homecare119 from Pixabay


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