All that is.

Life isn’t all black and white. We don’t live life in the extreme corners of darkness and light. We visit these areas from time to time during the span of our lives but the truth is that most of our life is spent in the gray. I say this because of the realization that events in life affect us emotionally and mentally and yet we race through them because most of us want to escape the moment or are just in such a hurry to move to newer moments and experiences.

The result being, we carry the burdens of these experiences that we weren’t able to fully heal from and drag ourselves through life in survival mode. By survival mode I mean the coping mechanism your conscious mind goes into when to experience something unpleasant, and blocks out all feeling and conscious memory of that emotion, so you are able to physically carry on with your life. This eventually makes life feels like a race to be run on desert sand.

We live most of our life in survival mode, almost like we’re on cruise control. We end up being unable to fully experience any moment then, neither the pain, nor the happiness.

It is extremely essential that we, from time to time put ourselves through an emotional cleanse, wherein just for a little while, we try to let go of the past and the future, and just exist in the present moment. When you just begin to try this out, it might feel a bit alien, since most of us are completely unable to actually exist in the present moment. Our life has been a constant ping-pong between past and future.

In attempting to stop ourselves from ricocheting between yesterday and tomorrow, we for a few moments can let go of past pain, and future worry. Eventually, we might be able to live completely in the now, and none of our burdens of the past and future would slow us down and wear us out.

We need to stop living in the shadows of what was and what will be, and just ease into what is. That’s all that really belongs to us – everything that is.

Blog by Priya D’Silva


M.A. in Sociology

B.A. in Sociology


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