I know the air seems heavy
And it feels like hope is dead
I’m not saying it’s your fault, I’m sure as hell not saying it’s all in your head.
But I will say this
That all you see isn’t all there is
Maybe today, even for a fleeting moment
You stop in your path
You drown out the noise, and just follow your heart
Let go of the future, and stop dragging the past
Drop it all, be free at last
In this still moment, as tiny as it may be,
Now without your blindfold, realize how much you see
Happiness costs nothing, neither does life
We have it all gifted to us,
Yet we live a lie.
Let it go, let it be.. give life a chance.
Just once for a moment,
Not the same old song and dance.
Just once for a moment, gather your courage
Just once, for a moment, 

Break out of your trance.


By Priya D’Silva


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