Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

I wondered often how it must be, when our time is up and we have to leave
Is it the end when we cease to breathe?
What is it like beyond what we see?

Does death mean we are set free?

What do our stories mean?
All the joy, the pain and everything in between
Then one day we leave this place,
Vanish suddenly without a trace
Leaving behind just empty shells.

In a way it’s like our dues are paid,
We leave behind what the earth gave
Shelter for our short stay
To be lent to another explorer ,
As they enter through the doorway.

It saddened me at times, to know not what awaits beyond
Does my journey mean anything at all?

Then some nights the heavens bless me with peace,
And the stars whisper their secrets to me

Our tales are larger than we know them to be.
The night sky bears witness,
In it’s eyes we are limitless.

Glittering in the darkness, little specks of light
Secrets of the night, testimonies of life.

I know now that when my moment comes,
I’ll walk through the gates with peaceful eyes
For even if it’s just a dark void that I find,
My story will live on in the eyes of the night.

– By Priya D’Silva


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