What could have been..

Long lost lanesLined with remainsOf all that could have been Carcasses of dreamsRotting in putrid streamsVeiled by porcelain smiles Fragile, so fragileHave we been madeEaten from withinBy maggots of hate Maybe, just maybeIf we tried to wake upWe would see what could have been Maybe, just maybeFree from this loathing,We'll weave what should have been. … Continue reading What could have been..

Parallel Infinitum.

In this labyrinth of dreams,But a moment stands between now and hereafter.Every breath, a vortexWhat reality is real? In the blackness of these cavernsCan I choose where the light comes in? Am I a mere marionette,Or am I the divinity that commands? Is this one big world,Or an anthology of moments,Within each, a lifetime. Maybe … Continue reading Parallel Infinitum.