Will we ever know?

We are in our physical entiretyBeings of stubborn constitutionHolding so dearly in our palmsAlms of egoistic waywardness Our eyes cloaked by the deceit of generationsCould it be, that those who know better walk amongst us?Living in ridicule, shunned into silenceBy our inability to set aside our burdenous lies Have we been made so accustomed to … Continue reading Will we ever know?

A note to the people of our time.

Expectations, suggestions, advice, and a world full of noise. How do you hear yourself? A note to the people of our time, to those that are struggling to see themselves through the haze and commotion forced into existence by narrow, uninformed minds and shallow souls. Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay It's okay to not … Continue reading A note to the people of our time.

The demons at the doorway.

If we just take a moment to look back at humanity's journey, through what has stayed and what has changed, one thing remains strangely constant. Our pursuit for comfort. All the advancements, technological or otherwise, that we look upon with pride, rise out of one need - comfort. It is truly great to live a … Continue reading The demons at the doorway.

Are you normal?

Often during the course of our days, as we go about quietly minding our business and living our best life, along comes someone, who decides that you've had a bit too much peace for the day; and proceeds to self invite themselves into our very personal intellectual space. These are the people better known as … Continue reading Are you normal?

The two most powerful ways to change your life!

Image by Dayron Calero from Pixabay "This world, after all our science and sciences, is still a miracle; instructable, magical, and more to whosoever will think of it."THOMAS CARLYLE (1795-1881)WRITER AND HISTORIAN It's a colossal universe we live in and it is quite natural to sometimes feel lost and insignificant in all its vastness. Like … Continue reading The two most powerful ways to change your life!